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How to Make a Soap at Home, the easy way.

By: :Aastha Chauhan 0 comments
How to Make a Soap at Home, the easy way.
What you will need:

    Step 1: Melt the base

     Fill the pot with a couple inches of water and place the soap base into the container and place the container in the pot. Set the pot on the stovetop over medium-low heat until the water gently boils, and the soap base begins melting.

    Step 2: Mix the fragrance in the base

    It might take a little trial and error to figure out the perfect amount of fragrance to add to your soap. Usually, every half kilogram of soap base needs a teaspoon of fragrance.

    Once the base is molten, remove your pot or container from the stove and place it on a heat-resistant surface. With a wire whisk, quickly — but gently — add in the fragrance. Make sure to distribute the fragrance evenly into the base, but try not to mix in any air bubbles as you whisk in the fragrance.

    Note: Heat the soap base to a temperature where it is easy to mix, but don’t heat it any more than that or the fragrance might evaporate.

    Step 3: Pour the base into the mould

    Carefully — but quickly — pour the molten base and fragrance mixture into your mould.

    Step 4: Let it Cool and unmould it

    Let your soap-filled mould cool to room temperature on a flat surface. Avoid touching or disturbing it until it is fully solidified.

    When it’s hardened, simply pop it out of the mould and enjoy!

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