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How To Make Homemade Perfume : A Complete Guide Beginners

By: :Harkaran Singh 0 comments
How To Make Homemade Perfume : A Complete Guide Beginners

Most of us want to feel amazing as we begin on new experiences or start on new adventures as summer quickly approaches. Scented your good is a great way to feel your best!

So now we'd like to show you how to create your own scent. You may avoid spending as much money on those expensive perfume brands by doing this! Even better, you may create your own custom handmade aroma with Aldrome fragrance oils. As a result, you are free of the need to spend what seems like a lifetime at the store testing various perfumes in search of the ideal one!


Some Tips

Each of our perfumes has three different notes when made using Aldrome fragrance oils. The terms top, middle, and base notes are used to describe these notes. When you open a bottle of Aldrome fragrance, the top notes are what you can smell first. The middle notes come next, which are considered as the foundation of our aroma. The base notes come last and make the middle notes last longer. This is essential to recognize because, if you really want not to, you may create your own perfume without mixing our oils. Simply select your favourite Aldrome fragrance oils and follow the simple steps below!


What you will need:

  • 2 tbsp. Carrier Oil *can use coconut oil or jojoba
  • 6 tbsp. 100-percent Alcohol
  • 2.5 tbsp. Filtered Water
  • 15 Drops of Aldrome Fragrance Oil *or desired amount
  • 2 Clear Bottles with Air-tight Lids
  • Coffee Filter
  • Small Funnel

Steps for create some magic

  1. Pour 2 tbsp. of the carrier oil into your glass bottle.
  2. Add 15 drops of your favorite Aldrome fragrance oil *or desired amount.
  3. Mix 6 tbsp. of the 100-percent alcohol into your glass bottle.
  4. Secure your lid and let the perfume sit for a minimum of 48 hours *the longer it sits, the stronger your perfume is going to be!
  5. Once you are satisfied with your scent, add the filtered water and shake the bottle for 1 minute.
  6. After shaking the bottle, use your coffee filter to transfer the liquid to the other bottle.
  7. Apply and enjoy your personal perfume! *discontinue use if irritation occurs


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